If there were any genre that has been both responsible for and benefitted from the utopic relationship between social media and creative arts, street art is definitely at the top of the list. Take a bow. You deserve it. Within that relationship, street art was an effective and popular form to share with friends, unadulterated by rules and regulations of taking photos in museums and galleries. But part of that devoted following perhaps overlooks some of street art’s most effective qualities of intervention and rebellion.

The Art of Rebellion 4: Masterpieces of Urban Art gives a nice, straightforward overview of the wit, bravado, and political commentary that street art can perform when done well. From Escif and Slinkachu’s unique use of space and place, to Mobstr’s ambitious use of wordplay and interruptions in urban environments, The Art of Rebellion 4 is a nice refresher course on the artists and pivotal artworks that have existed within street art over the last few years. With descriptions from the artists themselves, there is a genuine collective spirit here. “The concept of the book... was to let each artist show their personal masterpiece,” writes the books’ editor, C100. May this be where you catch the wave.

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