"I’m making work about my innermost self, pathos, trauma and all," artist Heather Benjamin told us in our Fall 2019 issue. "So if someone can relate to something I drew, they are really relating to a very deep part of me, something that embraces a measure of sadness, fear, self-consciousness, and feelings of isolation. When you’re in those dark places, you always wonder, what’s wrong with me? Is this normal?"

These deep emotions come together in Benjamin's newest book collection, Zines 2009-2019, that presents anamalgamation of the artist's work over the last decade. "It's a collection of all the photocopied zines I've ever made," Benjamin told us, "beginning with the series 'Sad Sex' which I began making in 2009, my first zines, so it has all ten issues of that, It also has all the other photocopied zines I made after that."

The 160-page, offset printed, 8.5" x 11" self-published book was just released through Benjamin's site, and speaks with her characteristic brutal honesty and piquant imagery, peppered with a little sex and violence. Asked what she thought of some of the best reactions to her work, Benjamin, in our print feature, commented, "On the lighter end, a favorite thing to hear, and I’ve heard often, is people telling me they’ve hung one of my drawings up in their bedroom, and if they bring someone home who thinks it’s weird or uncomfortable, they won’t sleep with them, ha ha… I like the idea of the rawness being a litmus test for potential lovers!! Funny and true."