A couple of days ahead of Frieze week in London, our friends from the underground art publication, Pavement Licker, and Helium London art dealer, Jennifer McCormick, will be hosting a charity art exhibition titled Pavement Lickers. Opening on the evening of Thursday, October 4th, in central London, the show will be offering art lovers an opportunity to acquire an original artwork created on paving slabs instead of canvas, with 100% of proceeds from the sales being donated to Rett UK, a registered charity that supports parents of those with Rett.

“It’s always been important for me to encourage clients to step outside of the society norm of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. Working with Pavement Licker, I want to bring the old and the new order together to create a one-off show that celebrates art for all.” - Jennifer McCormick, Founder of Helium London.

“The Pavement Licker ‘zine is all about showcasing emerging artists alongside more established names. With Helium London we’ve been able to do this on a huge scale and raise money for an amazing cause.” - Josh Jones, co- founder, Pavement Licker

The event is the continuation of the efforts by the founders of subversive zine Pavement Licker, Josh Jones and James-Lee Duffy, to give artists a voice and a platform without agenda. While running arguably one of the most important underground art zines in Europe before the age of social media, these days they are using their influence and experience to help a good cause. The result is an exceptional collection of 50 unique pieces created especially for this event.

In order to realize such an initiative, they teamed up with Helium London, who will handle the inquiries and sales of the artworks. Those hoping to buy one of these pieces are invited to register their interest at heliumlondon.com/pavement-lickers from 9pm GMT on Sunday, September 23rd and follow the notifications from there. The full list of participating artists can be found on the website as well and we're bringing some studio shots of freshly finished contributions by the likes of Ralph Steadman, JohnnyX, Will Martyr, Fred Coppin, Anthony Lister, Rutger de Vries, Alex May Huges, and Andy Welland.