Hey, we're home, you're home, we got some time to be creative. Our friends at PBR know the situation, too, and have just released the Pabst Color Your Way Through The Years Coloring Book, a special way to look at all the designs they have done over the years with their packaging and a few extras from the archives. And of course, add your own creativity to the mix. So have a beer and get coloring. 

Featuring work by Josh Holland, Jerod Davies, Denton Burrows, Josh McQuary, Gaijin, Charlie Kendall, Kelly Ward, Trap Bob, Zack Rosebrugh, Ana Benaroya, Chris Preston, Jered Fykes, John F. Malta, Andy Stattmiller, Stefan Mallette, Brad Ong, Yaicecream, Adam Rosenbaum, Ash Guzman, Victoria Lu + Domingo Campuzano