Ed Templeton is the accident master. His walking routes and photographs capture iconic southern California moments in a way that is both consistent and evolving. He could shoot the same spot on the Huntington Beach pier everyday for a year and you would never want to look away. The storytelling in Templeton's photos are intoxicating and very specific to his wandering and precise eye, and his newest collection, Tangentially Parenthetical, published by Um Yeah Arts, is another special document to an already profound career.

From the publisherTangentially Parenthetical is an anti-thematic compilation of photographs from Ed Templeton’s vast back stock of street photography—curated, arranged, and then rearranged by the man himself. A slight jump-off from his most recent book of photos (Wayward Cognitions, 2014), Tangentially Parenthetical picks up where Templeton’s previous collection ended. By combining the intimate, the accidental, and the unconnected into one linear piece of work, he tells hundreds of new stories through the thoughtful arrangement of semi-related, yet completely unfastened imagery.