"I believe we are all experiencing a different world-projection according to our individual perceptions," DALeast tells us in our new book, Juxtapoz Wild. "As we’re constantly experiencing the changes in our world, fear is reacting on different manners and scales, as well as the hope, which comes with the fear as a package. No matter how big the future’s changes will be, I guess my biggest fear is that I am not prepared enough, and that I will still hold the fear with me, so I hope that... well, maybe it’s better not to have the hope, either."

Favorite Juxtapoz artists fill the pages of Juxtapoz Wild with portrayals of beasts great and small. No spotted elephants or pink balloon poodles. Banish any thoughts of grapes and dead game on a platter. These paintings evoke the full range of Mother Earth’s creatures as they both murmur and roar amongst the foggy haze and moss-covered reaches of her landscapes. 28 artists including Sage Vaughn, Josh Keyes, Laura Ball, Martin Wittfooth, and Cathie Bleck give shape, vibrant color, and shades of meaning to the most humble or humbling creatures. Wild is a book to enjoy and study as it depicts the furry and feathered beauty made ever more fragile in our changing world.

Juxtapoz Wild is on sale now, in a bookstore near you or online at shop.juxtapoz.com