Photographer Corey Arnold is one of the many artists that fill the pages of our new book, Juxtapoz Wild. "I come from a unique perspective in that I live a double life as an artist and a commercial fisherman, and I grew up in a farming family, he tells us. "I’m personally responsible for the deaths of millions of crab and fish, all in the name of seafood. Our family farmed avocados, so I grew up shooting squirrels, gophers and rabbits as critter control. Meanwhile, my cat slept on my face at night, and I volunteered daily at a wildlife rescue center down the street. I suppose that I’m more of a realist when it comes to environmental issues, so I choose my battles carefully."

"My work often explores the subject of human and animal relationships with a curiosity towards modern man’s place in the natural world. I’ve started to use my photography as a voice to bring awareness to issues that concern me. When a large, open-pit copper mine named Pebble Mine was proposed upriver from the sockeye salmon grounds that gave me my start as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, I began documenting the fishermen and communities that survive off of the millions of salmon that fertilize the ecosystem of Bristol Bay. Separately, I’ve also been involved with Project Pressure, helping to bring awareness to climate change via glacier photography expeditions."

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Favorite Juxtapoz artists fill the pages of Juxtapoz Wild with portrayals of beasts great and small. No spotted elephants or pink balloon poodles. Banish any thoughts of grapes and dead game on a platter. These paintings evoke the full range of Mother Earth’s creatures as they both murmur and roar amongst the foggy haze and moss-covered reaches of her landscapes. 28 artists including Sage Vaughn, Josh Keyes, Laura Ball, Martin Wittfooth, and Cathie Bleck give shape, vibrant color, and shades of meaning to the most humble or humbling creatures. Wild is a book to enjoy and study as it depicts the furry and feathered beauty made ever more fragile in our changing world.

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