It's that time of year again; the best place and reason to spend your $$, Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen @ MOCA in LA, runs February 12—14! And the Juxtapoz Newsstand by Grotesk will be there! We have a ton of great programming for the fair. Along with our friends at Victory Journal, there will be special releases with The Quiet lIfe and Cody Hudson, Sage Vaughn and Alexis Ross, Ermsy, Swampy, a new zine of photos by our managing editor Alex Nicholson, Juxtapoz mags, Victory Journals, a few Juxtapoz x Victory "TsQ Newsstand" newspapers from our project in Times Square this past Fall, and surprises along the way...

February 11 @ 6pm: Special Ermsy x Juxtapoz "AdiHash Sport" zine release, special signed copies of Swampy new book, "NBD" will be available, and Victory Journals and Juxtapoz Magazines.

February 12 @ 3PM: The Quiet Life will be taking over the Newsstand on Friday afternoon, with a special, super-limited edition collab t-shirt release with Cody Hudson.

February 13 @ noon: Two former Juxtapoz cover artists, Sage Vaughn and Alexis Ross, will takeover the newsstand and... well, you will just have to be surprised. But there will be Flounder zines. 

February 14 @ 11am: Zines releases, mags available, specials, you name it.

Made possible by Converse, and thank you to Printed Matter for their support.