We are getting closer to release of our newest book, Juxtapoz Black & White, the newest theme in our ongoing series with Gingko Press. The book  features 28 contemporary artists who either work primarily in black and white or have created long-lasting projects in the spectrum, such as David ShrigleyLucy McLauchlanGeoff McFetridge and Katy Ann Gilmore. We have shown you works from Aakash NihalaniMrzyk & Moriceau,Cleon Peterson and Shantell Martin, and today we show you the works of Danish aritst, Carl Krull, who through his timelapse drawings on IG has become one of the leading voices of black and white art in the world today. 

"Black and white is nighttime and outer space. Black and white is the ultimate opposition, the purest contrast. Colors are everything in between. I can easily imagine that we, as humans, in some primordial way, absorb black-and-white works of art differently than colored ones. I would say that, most probably, they defy cultural barriers differently. Maybe because of their simplicity and silhouette style contrast, they might well take an alternate route through our brain. Passing through our reptilian brain on their way first, making the impact more fundamental." —Carl Krull

See a preview of our new book here.