Our newest book, Juxtapoz Black & White, is out now! and a continued release as part of our decade long and ongoing series with Gingko Press. The new title features 28 contemporary artists who either work primarily in black and white or have created long-lasting projects in the spectrum, such as David ShrigleyLucy McLauchlanGeoff McFetridge and Katy Ann Gilmore. As we continue to circle the globe with artists who have worked, do work or primarily focus on black and white art, we head to Mexico City to check in on one of our friends, Saner, who although is known for his vivid reds, as a massive collection of black and white drawings that we showcased in Juxtapoz Black & White.

"For me, the works in black and white are a challenge because you have only two colors," Saner told us, "and you try to make a great representation of everything, so I consider that a masterpiece, just playing with the lines to create shadows and forms that make sense for me. Drawings always play an important part in my shows, like showing different variations of the artist. It's like faces of my personality, because, sometimes, I need the colors to express ideas, but, other times, I just need one color to make an explosive piece."

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