This summer, Juxtapoz will be releasing another new book in our ongoing series with Gingko PressJuxtapoz Black and White spotlights 28 contemporary artists from David Shrigley to Shantell MartinGeoff McFetridge to Katy Ann Gilmore, who strip their work down to basic, often breathtaking black and white. For the next few months, we will be highlighting artists featured in the book, and today, we look at the work of NY-based sculpture, street and performative artist, Aakash Nihalani. See a preview of our new book here

Aakash says of working in black & white: "For me, pairing black and white creates a fundamental balance and a timeless feel. The colors are minimal and classic, yet simultaneously bold and modern. I start in black and white because it allows me to focus on structure, but the narrative and surrounding environment of the work usually informs whether or not I incorporate color."


Juxtapoz Black & White will be available starting July 31, 2019, on Amazon and other bookstores.