Funny thing about urban legends is that so many originate in deep, dark forests rather than cities. Then again, a fair amount are situated around deep, dark alleys and suspect stairways. So, let's confirm murky and mysterious, and gleefully agree that they are absolutely irresistible.

Primed by early childhood fairy tales and movie mythology, we love to talk about and forward them, to reflect on what has been passed on, on what someone supposedly said. In Hearsay: Artists Reveal Urban Legends, the book based on the Arts District Center For the Arts show, opening at Los Jocos Gallery in Los Angeles on May 13, 2016, those haunting stories are given visual and poetic reflection. Divided into tantalizing chapters like UFO, Horrors and Haunting, each of the 37 artists is given at least a full page in glossy, graphic depiction of a favorite legend, accompanied by their own biography and interpretive text, lovingly bound in time-honored, grainy tabloid motif.

The Hearsay show opens this Friday, May 13 from 7-10pm at LosJoCos Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. F for Freak is scheduled to play the opening reception at 8pm. Band members include artist Marnie Weber, who is featured in the show, and Doug Harvey, artist, writer and former art critic for LA Weekly.

For more information on Hearsay, and to purchase a copy of the book, visit

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