Dionne King, lifelong partner of famed Crass symbol creator and art punk filmmaker, the late David King, write us about his latest show at Park Life Gallery. “David was my partner and husband of 40 years and was best know for designing the Crass symbol. He passed away in October 2019 and the show, titled Happy, was Dave's last project, he scheduled the show in the summer of 2019. The show consists of his photography and includes a book he designed, also titled Happy. It was posthumously published by Colpa Press.”


Happy was one of the last projects David worked on before he passed away in October of last year. While disheartened by a long illness, he was still full of ideas and found a focus in his many projects. Determined to complete as much as he could, David began photographing many of the small treasured objects he kept in his library and studio. He took the photographs in his room on a stand he had made, using a piece of bright yellow poster board as the backdrop. He waited until the light was just right, often in the late afternoon. He took thousands of these photos.

David King also has a new book out with our pals at Ginko Press, STENCILS. Check out his show at Park Life, extended through February, 2020.