Cargo in the Blood by Nine Inch Nails and Russell Mills

March 09, 2016

We would argue that Nine Inch Nails may be one of the most artistically credible popular bands in the history of music. Taking a dark industrial sound, with a visual aesthetic of futuristic desolation, NIN leader Trent Reznor can channel a Matthew Barney dystopia better than anyone. Knowing their iconic nature precedes any project, the band and long-time collaborator and artist Russell Mills went super ambitious with the special release of Cargo In The Blood, a deluxe, limited edition, “320-page book collecting all of the works the artist created for Nine Inch Nails’ Hesitation Marks album.”

With a limited run of 2000 copies (at a well-priced 300 dollars, all details considered, boasting over 11 pounds of content and box-set quality), each volume of Cargo includes an original painting by Mills that was created specifically for the project. Reznor has always been an artist who understands how a full experience can enhance music, and Cargo is a sharp statement proving that bands who make special projects for their fans continue to thrive in 2016’s musical landscape.

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