In my 2015 interview with Alison Blickle, as she was in the midst of her trilogy of exhibitions, History of Magic, I was struck by the fusion of her life and work, and how her personal experiences being raised as a Wiccan in Berkeley, California influenced the mythology she began to explore through a unique art practice. It was obvious that her trilogy, an epic narrative, should be immortalized, so I was happy to provide the introduction when Antheism compiled years of Alison’s work into an extraordinary, velvet-clad, gold-embossed monograph. If you are performing a ritual or seance, the mere presence of this book would help conjure magic. Blickle’s History of Magic series of paintings, ceramic sculpture and writing is based on her own Jungian folktale, which she describes as, “full of magic and mysticism, following a woman as she goes on a long journey that helps her grow into her full self, while changing the world in the end.” Aspirational and symbolic, Blickle regales us with this tale that cyclically feeds back into her practice. Her paintings are stunning and rich with content about powerful women, and now you can revisit them and see the full legend in one place with this collection of art and storytelling. —Kristin Farr

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