Book Release and Signing: Todd Schorr "Neverlasting Miracles" in Portland, August 2, 2018

August 02, 2018

When pop-surreal legend, Todd Schorr, bequeaths us with any sort of release, it feels like an event. He doesn’t open many solo shows, yet his work is known the world over for wild and detailed imagination. “I have special fascination with human evolution and how it relates to all our many varied behaviors and obsessions,” Schorr told us during his interview in this issue, and this fascination comes to full throttle fruition in his newest monograph, Neverlasting Miracles.


Weighing in at over 7 pounds, 300+ pages and packed with over 30 years of Schorr’s painting, this feels more legacy than mere book. But given that Schorr does not crank out paintings often from his studio, that his work is so highly-detailed and narrative-based, such a comprehensive collection is necessary to encompass his career. The book is broken down into eras, Early Years, Middle Years, and Up To The Present, many of the works having graced the pages of this magazine over the past 25 years (including one of our favorites, the Absolut Schorr vodka ad from 1997). Sketches and watercolors show how the masterworks originate, and essays put those constructions into an art historical context. Schorr himself introduces the book with a esteemed simplicity. And again, we return to that almighty cartooning technique, that so many artists of his generation cite as an influence. “All told (my paintings) represent my ongoing fascination with a world in constant evolution and transition that I’ve attempted to represent through a combination of abstract cartoon vocabulary given realization through the painting techniques of the old masters. A world made all the more bittersweet by the simple fact that none of its many miracles are everlasting. A world of neverlasting miracles.” —Evan Pricco

On August 2nd, Todd Schorr and Last Gasp will be hosting a special book release and signing event at 2360 NW Quimby Street in Portland, Oregon from 6—9pm.