In 2011, Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco curated a pop-up show called "Bad Dads," advertised as an affordable art show and tribute to the films of Wes Anderson, its name inspired by the many unforgettable fathers depicted in Wes Anderson's films.

Five years later, what started as a one time event has become an annual, traveling exhibit of the very best of Wes Anderson-inspired original art from all over the world, boasting work from more than 400 artists and complete with a dedicated cult following. A testament to the power of the legendary director's signature style and aesthetic, the show has continued to progress as a dynamic group exhibition, and for the first time fans can find the best artwork from all fives years of the show collected in one stunning volume.

Featuring an original forward from Wes Anderson himself, the book is authored by Ken Harman, owner of Spoke Art Gallery and is on sale now!