Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame is not only a comedy kween, she’s a fine doodler and comic artist, just like her character on the show. Between seasons, she hit the TV press circuit to promote her new collection of narrative drawings, Carry This Book, which documents the fictional-but-eminently-possible personal effects of luminaries.

What’s in RBG’s wallet? What kind of iPhone case does Oprah have? And exactly what brand of hot sauce does Beyonce carry in her bag—swag? Abbi imagines the artifacts, painstakingly rendering the telltale trinkets in pen and ink. The book serves as a friendly exhibition in print that Abbi would apparently like you to carry around, just like Oprah and her gratitude journal. Jacobson’s new collection is a fanciful follow-up to her series of coloring books dedicated to great cities, Color This Book.