Books: "Republic" by Ren Hang

May 29, 2013

A few weeks ago we featured the photographs of Chinese artist Ren Hang. The controversial photographer, whose work is banned throughout most of his native country, has a new book entitled Republic for sale. Le Journal de la Photographie had a short conversation with the artist about his new book, providing us with some wonderful thoughts on censorship and nudity.

Some of our favorite quotes from the interview:

"I do not care about politics, but politics always care about me."

I do not know what is pornography, If we say that nudity is pornography, sex is erotic, then I too love porn! Eros filled my life! I think nudity is the most realistic, I like real."

What does censorship mean to you? 

Means: shit!

Read the full interview here.

Ren Hang 
Publisher: du LIC, 2012 
460 numbered copies 
116 images 
29.0 cm x 29.5 cm 
ISBN 978-82-999067-4-6