Blu in Sardinia, Italy

August 10, 2012




We posted Blu’s mural in Madrid the other day, and today another in Sardinia, Italy. This site-specific mural speaks directly on the island of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and currently in an economic crisis. Blu painted a large pair of green hands pouring military planes, tanks, oil drums, and more into a beaker. Other beakers contain natural and man-made elements of the island, many government related, all in experimentation.


Blu attached some text to this particular mural roughly translated to:


"Italy is a mega carrier which overlooks the Mediterranean, leans to the east and peers in the East. Within this carrier is Sardinia, which is part of the aircraft carrier but has the annoying problem of people and cities. A sort of bridge free, no dear acres, almost deserted but inhabited by people, the Sardinians, tenacious and tough, but unable to be known as a collective or joint movements. The island is poor, and this easily buyable with a few hundred jobs on military bases, to be offered as feed to a few national and regional political complacency. " from a CIA report of the Sixties From "You know the wind. The unseen evil of Sardinia "







Via Blu