Blu + Ericailcane in Bari, Italy

November 14, 2012

With several collaborations in the past, artists Blu and Ericailcane once more combined efforts to create a wonderful piece on what used to be a school in Bari, Italy. The buildings collective “Socrate Occupato” is now home to around 60 immigrated refugees. The two artists worked with the themes of migration and pilgrimage. A detailed flooded city was painted by Blu, while an arc with animals seeking refuge for their crossing was painted by Ericailcane.


jux_blu_ericailcane4 jux_blu_ericailcane6 jux_blu_ericailcane5 jux_blu_ericailcane7 jux_blu_ericailcane8 jux_blu_ericailcane9 jux_blu_ericailcane2 jux_blu_ericailcane1 Photos via artist and thinkcontra