Bizarre and Disturbing Illustrations by Nicola Alessandrini

July 13, 2015

Nicola Alessandrini lives and work near Macerata, switching from his job as illustrator and graphic designer for Fornarina and Combo brands to a more sincere and acid peronal artistic research on the relation between individual and society, advertising communication and personal perception, realty and virtuality. In 2002 Nicola obtein the degree at the Fine Art Accademy of Macerata, and since several years is an active figure of the local and national artistic underground ambient. Since 2006 he is part of the project Yuri&Yuri Gagarin Brothers with his friend Alessandro Capitani Guerra. The artworks from Yuri & Yuri are iper-decò, pop-surrealists and apocalyptics. They describe icons form our popular culture with a dissacrant irony and acid colours. Characters are punched, cutted, painted with flat colours, adorned by optical elements and soiled. Children are transformed in monsters, characters from cartoon are represented as modern San Sebastian: iconic souvenirs that are no more friendly, but aggressive, as just came out from a Joe Lansdale novel.

via fabricafluxus