Barry McGee and others @ 1717 17th Street, San Francisco

April 26, 2012

Barry McGee has become a name that any art novice or expert has come to know and respect. Any event or art exhibition tied to McGee's name is guaranteed to have art world's ears will perk up. This was absolutely the case for the show that was recently organized right here in San Francisco, titled Contemporary Arts Centre. McGee uses a very specific word to describe the exhibition and opening reception, simply a "happening." McGee organized this one time group exhibition in coordination with Gallery Paule Anglim. With 40 plus artists invited to participate it is not a show to miss. On display are the likes of Jeff Canham (featured in our March 2012 issue, Margaret Kilgallen (cover our April 2011 issue) and McGee himself, the show boasts a tremendous sample of contemporary artists. The show will run until May 19th, so if you're in the Bay Area, this should be at the top of your to do list.


“Contemporary Arts Centre”

1717 17th Street, San Francisco

April 14th – May 19th , 2012

Thursday - Saturday 11:00AM - 5:00PM

All photos by Christine Ancalmo



Artists included:


A. Cuadro

A. Curry

A. Kopps

A. Linton

A. McCarthy

A. Ross

A. Sonnenberg

B. Blurr

B. Chippendale

B. Daniel

B. Mcgee

C. Ancalmo

C. Johanson

C. Lux

C. Rojas

D. Marshall

D. Johnson

E. Jones

E. Lyle

F. Deiana

G. Thompson

J. Ackerman

J. Bender

J. Canham

J. Geller

J. Lazcano

J. Leonard

J. Nelson

K. Zimmerman

L. Flippen

M. Cross

M. Gonzalas

M. Kilgallen

N. Ackerman

O. Shepard

O. Todd

P. Kirkeby

P. Valmorbida

R. Kaye

R. Neri

R. Potes

S. Simikich

T. James

T. Pushinski