Following the incredibly popular exhibitions of years past, Bad Dads continues to grow and progress as a dynamic group exhibition. This year over 80 artists were invited to contribute an original work of art, spanning from paintings to sculptures to limited edition screen prints, all in tribute to one the world’s most noteworthy filmmakers. The exhibition ends this Saturday, November 22nd.

On View: October 29th - November 22nd, 2014

With the addition of Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, this year’s show has more material to draw upon than ever. Set amongst a fictional pre-war European setting, the film is a magical display of elegant impermanence. Both the meticulous style and attention to detail make the film impeccably Anderson. Aesthetically remaining in a state of antiquity and sophistication, the screwball inspired adventure harkens back to Wes Anderson’s earlier films.

From the rolling landscapes of Moonrise Kingdom to the dysfunctional household of The Royal Tenenbaums, Bad Dads reveals the inner youthful sentiment in all of us. Each artist was free to choose their own film for subject matter, resulting in a dazzling display of character portraits, elaborate environments and iconic themes and motifs. Along with a traditional exhibition of painting and sculpture, Bad Dads V also has installation based works as well as collectable toys and apparel items. ! Bad Dads V is on view until November 22nd. ! This exhibition is available for online viewing and purchase at

Participating Artists:
Rebecca Adams, Paul Ainsworth, Glenn Arthur, Maxfield Bala, Derek Ballard, Chris Barrett, Oliver Barrett, Kesley Beckett, Jill Bencsits, Ryan Berkeley, Robert, Bowen, Joshua Budich, Ivonna Buenrostro, Sandi Calistro, Keith Carter, Mar Cerdà, Matt Chase, Tracie Ching, Stanley Chow, Dan Christofferson, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Cdczmb, Jason D’Aquino, Max Dalton, Vic De Leon, Bagger43, Tim Doyle, James Eads, Epyon5, Evanimal, Veronica Fish, Jayde Fish, Monica Garwood, Sam Gilbey, Dan Girssom , Dominic Guidote, Nicole Gustafsson, Justin Hager, Haari & Deepti, Maryanna Hoggatt, Christine Hostetler, Primary Hughes, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Aaron Jasinski, Tim Jordan, Joemur, Alex R Kirzhener, Kikyz1313, Bartosz Kosowoski, Conor Langton, Doug, LaRocca, Nan Lawson, Marty Machado, Noelle Maclanahan, Brian Methe, Scott Mitchell, Tessa Morrison, Danielle Murray, Matt Needle, Johannah O’Donnell, VanOrton Design, Ruel Pascual , Alex Pearson, Rich Pellegrino, Michael Ramstead, Fernando Reza, Matt Ritchie, Rebecca Rose, Ellen Schinderman, Cuyler Smith, Meghan Stratman, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, TLTV, Geoff Trapp, Justin VanGenderen, Chris Walker, Casey Weldon, Bruce White, Robert Wilson, Lauren YS