Axel: Bloody Genius @ Art on A Gallery, NYC

July 12, 2013

If the moniker Bloody Genius conjures up a proper monocoled British gent, think again, and do hurry over to Art on A Gallery to see for yourself. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, consider that Axel employs his own blood (in just the right consistency) as the medium for mesmerizing intricate paintings framed in flaming gold leaf. The self-proclaimed Metallic Messiah designs intricate jewelry that would be the envy of Snow White’s stepmother Queen Grimhilde but which you may purchase at the gallery. Protégé of Salvador Dali and jeweler to Axl Rose, this Axl has authentic Papal robes in his closet and cites Lady GaGa for saving his life. Get over to 24 “A” Avenue at Second  in NYC for a little nibble of this poison apple.

Axel: Blood Genius

Art on A Gallery, NYC

June 14th - 26th