Aryz in Næstved, Denmark

August 28, 2012

If you ever find yourself traveling around Denmark, and get yourself to the island of Zealand, you will be surprised to see a mural by Spanish muralist, ARYZ, freshly painted on a brick building. As photographer Henrik Haven told us, "Before his piece for the Galore festival, the Spanish street artist traveled an hour away from Copenhagen to reach Næstved, a town that lies on the island of Zealand. The piece can be seen on Farimagsvej 36 - opposite to the old post office close to Næstved Station - and is a part of Næstved Youth School of Art and decoration project Næstved Art City. I've also been told that Aryz has painted on various mdf panels while he was in the town and those works will be showed in the waiting room at the Station and around the city this autumn. To be continued…"

All photography by Henrik Haven.