Anthony Lister "Unsung Heroes" @ The Outsiders, London & Newcastle

November 07, 2012

Anthony Lister is getting double coverage. For the first time since David Choe's double Laz/The Outsiders shows in 2008, Anthony Lister will do simultaneous shows at The Outsiders in London and Newcastle starting this November 16, 2012. The exhibition, Unslung Heroes, features Lister's now signature but increasingly refined Impressionist portraits of after-party revellers...

Hedonistic yet elegant, the canvases exemplify Lister’s poetic treatment of highbrow and lowbrow themes, and old masters-meet-street art painting style.

Lister’s work for Unslung Heroes truly represents yet another step forward for the artist, who broke his auction record this year when his 2007 piece Spider Woman sold for AUS $20,000. The exhibition, also containing refined sculptural work, is the first to occupy both Outsiders galleries since David Choe made his UK debut in 2008.