Lazarides Rathbone is pleased to announce a major new body of provocative work from Australian artist Anthony Lister. Hurt People - Hurt People presents a series of multi-faceted portraits saturated in celebrity and media obsessed disaster, continuing the artist’s distinguished superhero series featured in 2013’s Unslung Heroes.

The upcoming exhibition extends the artist’s exploration into the innate sense of chaos and false sense of security existing in modern society, distracting us from the current continuum of corruption and tragedy. The Brisbane-born painter illustrates themes existing between high and low brow culture whilst questioning a society immersed in obtrusive media and poisonous lifestyles. Coining the term ‘adventure painting’ Lister’s large-scale canvases are hedonistic yet demure, constantly evolving stylistically whilst extending an impressionist approach to contemporary portraiture. Dark undertones often cloud the artist’s seductive figures, constructed from a harmony of unapologetic brush strokes and bold colour palette. Loaded with authentic energy Lister animates his ominous characters within each composition, merging technical execution of old masters with free-hand spontaneity associated with his street art peers.

Hurt People - Hurt People promises to transcend categorisation, unleashing a body of work both within the gallery and off-site, responding to poignant contemporary issues with an unashamed idiosyncratic delivery.

Anthony Lister
Hurt People—Hurt People
November 28—December 20, 2014
Lazarides Gallery, London