An Everyday Walk Creates Environmental Awareness

September 03, 2012

With China having the highest number of cars on the road in the world, estimated at 500 million vehicles, a simple and effective public art project has the capability of bringing awareness to the situation.  DDB China Group was asked to create an outdoor advertisement to urge people to make a change for their environment, such as walk more and drive less. Using a busy intersection where pedestrians and cars cross frequently, a giant canvas of a leafless tree was placed between the crossings. Sponge cushions soaked in green environmentally friendly washable and quick dry paint were placed on both ends of the traffic lights. With each footstep a new leaf was created, a wonderful visual interpretation for carbon footprint. Eventually the project grew, “The Green Pedestrian Crossing was carried out in 7 main streets of Shanghai and later expanded to 132 roads in 15 cities across China. A total number of pedestrians that participated exceeded 3,920,000 people.”


jux_tree2 jux_tree4 jux_tree3 jux_tree5 Via