Alien-Looking "Kunsthaus Graz" Building Inhabits Historic Neighborhood

May 24, 2013

The historic center of the city of Graz is located on the River Mur in Austria is home to the Kunsthaus Graza building designed by Sir Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in 2003. The 2,500 square meter space is dedicated for changing contemporary art exhibitions, functions and events. The strange, blob-like, blue bubble blends with a heritage-protected part of the building and uses 930 computercon trolled light sources under the building's skin to create a 45-meter display that allows the building to communicate with its environment.

The project is part of an exhibition entitled Culture:City that aims to asks questions about the impact of art and culture on cities and their architecture. 

The exhibition will be on display through the 26th of May at Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin. Later the exhibits will remain on display at the Kunsthaus Graz from the 28th of June through October 13th, 2003.

via ignant.