Alex Pardee's WayCooler App

July 14, 2012


Alex Pardee, who will be curating the Juxtapoz Halloween 2012 issue this year, wants you to have the opportunity to make everything WayCooler. That is why he has a new free app, WayCooler, so you can use your imagination and make everything in the world just a little be waycooler. He made the app with Franky Aguilar (creator of CATWANG).

Alex said on his site:

Ever see one of your friends' cool faces, or one of your friends cool tattoos, or even a lonely squirrel riding on the back of a bird and think "Man, that's a cool squirrel, but it would be WAYCOOLER if it had tentacles and sharp teeth?" Well, now you can FINALLY make that squirell, or your friends' cool tattoos WayCooler with a few simple taps on your phone. It's like magic, but with drawings and fingers instead of unpronounceable words and newt-eyes.


Enough with the talking, just watch this video that STEPHEN REEDY made (with the wonderfully angelic voice-and-sound-blessings of Josh Petersdorf & Rich Arenas.



Basically, using the WayCooler App, you can create millions of monsters from scratch or manipulate your photos unlike you've ever been able to before.


Examples of WayCooler: