Adonit’s Jot Touch Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad

September 19, 2012


Released at the end of July, Adonit’s Jot Touch Stylus had one goal: Give professional artists a reliable tool to create on the go. As the first pressure sensitive stylus option for the iPad, Adonit has finally unchained artists from their workstations and provided the freedom to create whenever inspiration strikes.


The first Jot Stylus was released a little over a year ago, and it was immediately praised for its transparent precision disc which enabled the screen to detect a touch, but also allowed the user to see where their mark was being made. Since then, the Jot Stylus Family product line has grown to 5 models, and sold over 500,000 units worldwide.


Jot Touch pairs with several renowned sketching apps that have integrated Adonit’s “Jot Ready” SDK (Software Development Kit). Adonit partnered with apps that artists already used, such as Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, and ArtRage, to build a growing list of Jot Ready Apps. Jot Ready apps offer additional features such shortcut buttons for more creating and less navigating, pressure sensitivity for line depth, and a recalibration of the screen for a stylus rather than a finger.


Roger Kupelian, a visual effects artist for the Lord of the Rings films, discusses the benefits of Jot Touch and how it gives him another professional tool for his arsenal. Jot Touch allows him to start his work on the iPad, and finish on the desktop. He wanted the opportunity to create anywhere on a professional level, and Jot Touch gives him that possibility.