Adonit "Create" Video and Campaign

November 16, 2012

We have been pretty excited here in the Juxtapoz office, as we have had the chance to play around with the Adonit Jot Touch on our iPads. To us, finally, there is something we can use with our touch screens that are useful during our creative brainstorming sessions. Adonit's Jot Touch was built to take styluses and touch screens to the next level of professionalism, creativity and productivity. Rubber tip styluses aren’t precise. Fingers don’t communicate pressure. So the team at Adonit created a tool that felt as natural as a pen on paper. The first time you lay the tip down and see the line reacting to your pressure, you should get the same feeling you had that first time you swiped or pinched on an iPhone or iPad. We live in a world where good quality design is demanded. Jot Touch provides the complete package. Adonit's products are built as accessories for iPads and iPhones and are crafted to match Apple's sleek design and standards.

Jot Touch enables artists and designers to improve their creative process. To help share, collaborate, and build ideas.




We have seen some pretty amazing work created with Jot. Iszy Iszard is a great example of this. He is a fantastic artist that has done some rad things using Jot Touch and Procreate. Check out one of his works.


Adonit's latest endeavor in supporting creators has been their Jot Showcase. It’s a contest built to show off what an artist can do with their Jot Touch. They hope that the contest will continue to challenge and push artists and designers to new heights with their work. Adonit's tools are ensuring we have another great accessory to add to our art box.

We are quite impressed by this piece from the Adonit's Jot Showcase, 'Treat or Retreat', created by Fernando Sanzzi using Jot Touch and Procreate.


For more looks at the various art that people have created with the Jot Family, visit the Adonit Facebook page.