We had the pleasure of attending the opening reception of a group show at La Fabrica Gallery. This Event May Be Occurring In Another Context, is a collective art show created by ACME Brooklyn to create a community between Mexico and USA. ACME Brooklyn is an art project that aims to display the artistic production of a specific context. A group of artists from the emerging and established art scenes of Mexico and New York are invited to express views on the meaning of cultural displacement and the interpretation of identity in over-populated cities that geographically distance origins.

This Event May Be Occurring In Another Context is the premier show of La Fabrica Gallery, created by Felipe Mendez Candelas. With 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he now takes a new tangent by opening his warehouse for La Fabrica Gallery. The space is curated and operated in collaboration with Varenka Ruiz.

We highly recommend to take a look of these group of talented artists: Adrian S. Bara / Alberto Lopez Corcuera / Alvaro Ugarte / Bill Abdale / Christian Calabro / Claudia Peña / Cleon Peterson / Dakota Sica / Enrique Santos / Federico Saenz / Karian Amaya / Lotta Matila / Marina Silva / Mario Navarro / Monica Escutia / Pablo Davila / Rodrigo Imaz / Scotty Albrecht / Sebastian Vizcaino / Varenka Ruiz / Zazil Barba