A look at Iconograph Magazine #2

February 04, 2013

For their second issue, the theme "Ritualistic Iconography" was chosen in setting the mood for this 80-page thoughtfully curated magazine. Based solely on the cover, we were immediately intrigued by the contents of Iconongraph #2. Inside, an eclectic collection of esoteric imagery and writings awaits you from an array of global talent. This publication was printed and organized by Justin Blyth (Them Thangs), with contributing editors Hassan Rahim, Justin Van Hoy (To whom the magazine is dedicated to), and Andrew Pogany. It is currently available for purchase. Pick up a copy!


Featuring work from contributing artists: Hassan Rahim, Michael Willis, Adam Tullie, Carey Haider, Andrew Kuykendall, Chris Glancy, Eliot Lee Hazel, Julien Langendorff, Vincent van de Waal, Daniel Albrigo, Christopher Taylor, Cleon Peterson, Greg Eason, Mario Hugo, Tofer Chin, Austin McManus, Boemarion, Curtis Kulig, Dan Monick, James Roper, Joel Evey , Golgotha, Bette Burgoyne, Max Snow, Ward Heirwegh, Mario Victor Saldana, Department International, David Jien, Ellen Rogers, Paul Kwiatkowski, Jan Hakon Robson, Andrew Pogany, Barry Graham, Larry Fondation, Ernest Hardy, Will Clark, Maya Stocks, Cedar Pasori, Ben Boliau, and James Jolliff.



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