7-Story Canvas Curated by Apexer & Buff Monster @ Hotel Zetta, SF

June 30, 2015

SF’s design focused Hotel Zetta just announced the public opening of its 7-Story Canvas exhibit where nine (9) of the best muralists from across the USA traveled to San Francisco this past May to redesign the interior of the Hotel. The project began in April originally as an Instagram contest #ZettaMurals, during which Zetta and renowned muralists Buff Monster & Apexer set out to find the most talented street artists and bring them to San Francisco to compete for a $5,000 grand prize.

Over (600) artists responded—uploading their best #ZettaMurals tagged pieces in hopes of catching the attention of celebrity judges Buff Monster & Apexer. When time stopped, the two selected their seven favorite artists to travel to San Francisco and claim their canvas inside Hotel Zetta. SF-based artist Griffin (Sean Griffin) was ultimately selected as the winner of the #ZettaMurals contest and awarded the $5,000 check–a near impossible decision as each artist’s style was so unique that curators Buff Monster and Apexer spent four hours mulling over their decision. Located just inside Hotel Zetta’s main stairwell, the 7-Story Canvas exhibit is now open for public viewing featuring (27) walls worth of original mural art from contemporary muralist luminaries Buff Monster, Apexer, Steiner, Deb, Elle, Dirty Bandits, Mike Tyau, Pemex, and Griffin.