Exclusive: 1XRUN studio visit

November 04, 2013

Last week, Detroit-based print company, 1XRUN, celebrated their third year in existence (congratulations!) and in honor of this achievement we bring you this exclusive tour from our visit with them this summer. Wanting to replicate the gallery opening experience online, 1xRUN was born and has grown to release a sizable collection of prints that now exceeds over 600 runs from hundreds of well-known international artists to local Detroit heroes. Also included in our visit are photos of their contemporary art gallery, Inner State, located in the Eastern Market of Detroit. To celebrate their third year, the artist Glenn Barr created a print in an edition of 100. The starting price for Barr’s first print was just $1, with each print increasing $1 up to $100. To no surprise they sold out quickly.

Runs are constantly becoming available and unavailable, so check out what's recently been released at their website 1XRUN


All photos courtesy of Theflopbox.com