This Weekend: Chris Johanson presents the 3rd annual Quiet Music Festival of Portland

May 31, 2013 - Jun 01, 2013Disjecta, Portland

This Weekend: Chris Johanson presents the 3rd annual Quiet Music Festival of Portland
Artist Chris Johanson is pleased to present the third annual Quiet Music Festival of Portland celebrating soothecore, a new dimension of emotional, vibrant, and low volume music honoring of the quiet act of listening. The two-day event opens on 
Friday, May 31 through Saturday, June 1, 2013 at local arts and cultural organization Disjecta and is made possible with support from Generic Surplus.

As Chris told us, "
This festival will make you have a good dream. This is the type of festival where if you accidentally did psychedelics and started to have a bad trip, you would move right on over to a good trip because the situation is so pleasant. This is the type of festival where the music is so inviting that the music feels like your favorite blanket or health food drink."

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Showcasing a new era of “ear love” for its growing circle of friends, the Quiet Music Festival of Portland will feature a variety of performances interpreting low volume, deep-sonic meditations. Many favorite artists from across the country will be returning to the festival as well as new ones to discover — all who have created performances exclusively for the event. Johanson adds, “This year’s lineup will kiss people’s ears,” and highlights include:

Rare solo performances by Heidi Alexander, Meg Baird and cellist Lori Goldston. 

Unwind with legendary hip-hop musician Money Mark as he mixes beats from drum loops, turntables, and keyboards, and escape with Peggy Honeywell’s, also known as artist Clare Rojas, acoustic songs and guitar melodies.

Mira Billotte of White Magic leads a set of fourth-dimensional vibrations and shamanic trance, Volunteers Park transforms collisions of high and low art into dreamy ambient compositions, and Tara Jane Oneil’s multi-piece act fuses stone age technology with electronic devices, creating melodic, experimental music.

Michael Henrickson invokes energy with his solo performance combining different percussions. Float along with Brian Mumford and Dragging An Ox Through Water’s folk and country melodies. And a three-piece set from Sun Foot features softly amplified songs, low-volume drum kits and sane amps.

An art exhibition of multi-media works by J. Patrick Walsh 3 exploring the intersection of music and cars will be on view. Walsh adds, “These autos humming us around, singing as they carry soft bodies across asphalt, we sing from these acoustic crafts, to our friends tunes, to tune our friends instruments, and our friends cars.”

Continuing the tradition of the Quiet Music Festival of Portland’s relaxed, casual ambiance, the interior will feature its signature one-of-a-kind 70s and 80s items, soft lighting and sets by Mississippi Records DJs Callie Danger and Eric I. “With so much blown yang energy, people need to get into their yin energy and power, and we’re excited about the possibility of people falling asleep during the performances this year. Our mission is to find more rugs and pillows for the upcoming festival, so they’ll be even more objects to fall asleep on.” Johanson adds, “Expect to have good dreams.”