"When the music in me slows down, I pick up a pen and draw. When the ink begins to flow less easily, I trade the pen for an instrument and resume where I left off with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a symbiotic relationship between art and music. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to tap into it and spend my days creating."

For the February issue of Juxtapoz we welcomed Emmy nominated artist and composer Silas Hite to talk to us about his influences and what fuels his creativity. Having found the perfect balance of music and art in his life, in this video Silas explains to us how he was able to tap into that "symbiotic relationship between art and music."

The following is an excerpt from February 2014 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine:


"Visual input translates into musical ideas for me. I try to spend time soaking up the work of artists that excite me when I need to replenish my creative tank. Basil Wolverton, Sergio Argones and MC Escher were early inspirations. These days it's R. Crumb, Robert Williams, Banksy, Rob Sato, and my artist friends Patrick Whitehorn, DWREX and Emily Hillburg. We draw together often, comparing ideas, giving feedback and urging each other on. Having talented friends who will give you an honest critique is one of the most powerful tools any creative person can have. I am grateful for the brutal critiques I endured in art school. They taught me the value of being able to emotionally distance myself enough from my work in order to improve it." - Silas Hite


Check out a preview of the February issue here.