Weapons of Mass Creation 5

August 13, 2014



Weapons of Mass Creation is the premier art, design, and music event in the USA. Entering its fifth year, it has generated comparisons to TED and SXSW but it’s truly one of a kind. Over three days, more than 2,000 attendees will travel to Cleveland to see a diverse array of speakers, artists, and musical acts at Cleveland Public Theater August 15-17 2014. Creative professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, students, and fans will gather to learn, get inspired, collaborate, network, and celebrate their passion for art, design, music, and entrepreneurship.

WMC Fest was founded by Go Media partner Jeff Finley in 2010. Event Director Todd Gauman has been involved since 2012 and in 2014, Margot Harrington and Stewart Scott Curran signed on as speaker co-directors and James Carol as music director.

Weapons of Mass Creation is a grassroots movement to inspire and enable the creative mind. We believe that good things happen when ideas and talents are shared within the community. This mentality manifests itself in the lifestyle of a Weapon of Mass Creation. A person who defies the hand they’re dealt and makes things happen.This is where leaders are born. We’ve hand picked 20 inspiring visionaries to present their work and their ideas. Attendees will enjoy 10 inspiring talks per day on the subjects of graphic design, art, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, creativity, and more. Creative leaders both local and national will take part.