The 80's Inspired Art of Gavin Dias

July 25, 2014


Gavin Dias is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from London, England. He draws inspiration from the high-energy neon nightmares and palm-tree paradises of California in the 80s, pushing this pumped-up aesthetic through his digital drawings. Gavin has worked for Tah Heuer and Dior and sometimes works under the pseudonym "'92."was born in London, England; the 1980’s was an amalgamation of neon nightmares and palm-tree paradise. I grew up in this era, frightened yet enlightened by Thriller, B-Movie cinematography and Pop-culture…

…Since graduating from university (Studying Visual Communication Design), I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer - I’ve had the pleasure of working for Capcom Europe and LVMH Watch& Jewellery UK (TAG Heuer/Dior) amongst others, as well as being a freelance Illustrator. I also sometimes collaborate with friends and family under the'92 pseudonym. 

Client List: TOMS, B-side by Wale Adeyemi, Roundhouse London, Computer ARTS, Nike, Square Mile Magazine, M.A.C., Total Politics Magazine, SoulCulture, Diabetes UK, Disorder Magazine, Falcon vs Monkey , EKO London, 93 Feet East.