Mark Whalen 'I'll Meet You in the Middle' LA Studio Visit

December 09, 2013

We recently dropped by Mark Whalen's Los Angeles based studio to check out his newest work before sending it off to Singapore, for his solo show 'I'll Meet You in the Middle', which opens this Friday, December 13th with Black Arts Projects at Future Pefect Gallery in Singapore.


'As complex as the cosmos or the workings of the human mind, Whalen’s pieces resemble elaborate puzzles or labyrinths, set up by the artist to challenge ones understanding of their own place in life. From his beginnings in Sydney, Australia, Mark Whalen has evolved into an artist whose meticulously crafted paintings and sculptures examine the human experience by exploring communication, emotion, sexuality, invention, interaction, and ritual - all with an undercurrent of quiet absurdity. Whalen’s line precision and glowing color palette is enhanced by the introduction of colors of light, caution and arousal, making the interaction of his subjects more accentuated and accessible. Thick, seductive layers of clear glossy resin create a post-modern plane for the artist to explore spatial possibilities and relativity within the narrative.'


'Around the spaces of his pictures there are strewn, floating, and tethered a great many living things and dead things, casual things and ferocious things, things that are passionately coveted, and mundane functional things, fanciful unidentifiable things, and still more things both archetypal and abstract. Where did all these things come from? Undoubtedly they have personal significance for the artist, but what is available to an audience of strangers? These things are neither randomly chosen nor casually placed, there is a narrative subtext.'



Download catalogue here



Opening Friday 13 December, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition: 10 - 15 December, 2013



47 Malan Road #01-22

Singapore 109444