Jesús Sotés Vicente as Dr. Invention

November 21, 2013

Pamplona-based artist, Jesús Sotés Vicente who goes by “Dr. Invention”, sketches out his characters and forms as a first step to his artist process. He takes these basic forms, transforming them using vectors to create clean lines and organic shapes. After moving his images into Photoshop, Dr. Invention adds layers of textures, dimension, and text in some cases.

“I have been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for a long time. My illustrations are digital, although, at first I almost always do a pencil sketch for all of them. Later, I draw them in a vector program and add textures in Photoshop. Often, during the process, I leave myself to be guided by my intuition. This means that many times I don’t know the definitive tone of my work until it is almost finished.”


via Ape on the Moon