April 14, 2015

Last year we rubbed our weary eyes, checked our pulse and made sure we weren’t dreaming when we got off the plane for the first ever Ono’u Graffiti Festival on the stunning island of Tahiti. In just a few weeks we will be luckily attending the event again, along side an even larger roster of artists and again there will be $17,500 in cash prizes waiting for participating artists to take home. Some of the guest artists that will be painting walls not in the competition this time around will be Askew, Dabs & Myla, Sofles, Dal, Faith 47, Kems, Kobra, Pose, Roa, Seth and Soten. On the competition side, there is a slew of new names, as well as some returning artists from around the globe that will be battling it out for the cash prizes. We’ve already packed out sun block, board shorts and sunglasses. Can't we be there already?

More information on the festival can be found at their website, Facebook and Youtube.

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