Video: NYCHOS dissects a Volvo

May 23, 2014

As part of the first live art performance at the Volvo Art Session, Austrian artist Nychos in his typical manner "dissected" a Volvo XC90, showing the inner workings of the car. The detached car parts provide the audience with a particular insight: Nychos is not showing the car as a machine, but instead as something quintessentially organic. The car's heart and lungs are hidden under its bonnet. A glance through the missing side doors and windows provides an unexpected view of the its ribs and soft tissue. Thick cables link the parts suspended in the air with the car, which upon closer inspection turn out to be blood vessels and veins. In his artwork Nychos breathes life into the car and unambiguously answers the question as to the future of the automobile: As is the case for humans, his vision of an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of transport requires clean air to operate.