Unwanted Attention

August 15, 2012

In 1998, Sane and Smith made news headlines and became sought after by the FBI for painting the side of the Manhattan tower of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Now a transcript of a phone conversation has been revealed between Senator Charles Schumer and FBI Director Robert Mueller discussing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and LEWY BTM. New York’s finest always have their priorities in order, graffiti writers being first of course. Many years later, Sacer and Year painted the notorious National Landmark spot with giant straight letters. Now, Lewy took a turn and added 3 throwups back-to-back adding to the history of this spot.


From NYPD Confidental

THE SECRET. NYPD Confidential has obtained a transcript of a confidential phone conversation last week between Senator Charles Schumer and FBI Director Robert Mueller. Here are excerpts.


Schumer: Bob, I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to call Ray Kelly.

Mueller: What’s up, Senator?

Schumer: I’d rather Kelly tell you himself.

Mueller: Well, just tell him to call me.

Schumer. You know how he is, Bob. He wants you to call him. He needs your help.

Mueller: If he needs my help, why doesn’t he call me?

Schumer: O.K., look, it’s that graffiti guy. Lewy BTM. The one who tagged his name on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mueller: Oh, yes. That’s pretty funny.

Schumer: It’s not so funny, Bob.

Mueller: Well, Ray has been saying for years that he prevented a terrorist attack on the Brooklyn Bridge. Now he says he has the bridge guarded day and night. But he can’t stop a graffiti guy? Yes, Senator, I would say that’s pretty funny.

Schumer: Well, Ray doesn’t think it’s funny. He wants your help to capture this Lewy. He wants a full-scale joint NYPD and FBI investigation. He’s bringing back his detectives from overseas to help hunt Lewy down.

Mueller : Senator, why don’t you tell Ray to just calm down.

Schumer: Bob, it’s not that simple. Ray is furious that this Lewy embarrassed him. He told Peter King that when he catches Lewy, he is going to water-board him.

Mueller: [sound of laughter] O.K., Senator, what exactly do you want me to do?

Schumer: I want you tell Ray that he is nuts. That he has rocks in his head. That maybe he has been in this job too long.

Mueller: Why don’t you tell him yourself, Senator?

Schumer: Me? Are you kidding, Bob? I’m scared stiff of Ray. Besides, he’s stopped returning my calls. I nominated Judge Nelson Roman of the state’s Appellate Division for a federal judgeship. He’s one of the judges who threw out that Stop and Frisk case — releasing a 14-year-old boy who was arrested for carrying a loaded gun.

Mueller: O.K., then, why don’t you call Mayor Bloomberg and tell him to fire Ray?

Schumer: Bob, I don’t think you understand. Bloomberg’s even more afraid of Ray than I am.







Lewy Photos Via 12ozprophet and others from here and story from Utah and Ether