Photos: "HEXAHEDRON EXPONENTIËLE" featuring work from Pantone and Dems @ WeAreVoid

October 19, 2013


“Hexahedron Exponentiele” opened this month at WeAreVoid Gallery in Amsterdam, featuring all new work from Felipe Pantone and DemsSky333. The exhibition included wood sculptures, drawings, paintings, mixed media, glass paintings that created optical effects and silkscreen prints. Check out some photos from the exhibition that runs through October 27, 2013


"The hexahedron as the last refuge of the rapid art. An exponential transgression of spaces that finally lead us into the white cube, as a last resort right after a street, a neighborhood, a city, a country, a continent and the cosmos, to go back again to the gallery. A sort of similarity between an atom and a galaxy.

We are distilling a kind of ultra-rapid full-motion art, product of the circumstances sometimes, and always result of the times, being consistent with it. In the hexahedron, we will only be able to present our most refined repertoire, inevitably full of the speed of the streets and the cosmos, because the former is in the latter, like the immense universe is composed of minuscule atoms."

Felipe Pantone and Demsky333

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