Opening photos: "MQISM" @ Art Primo

December 11, 2012

Over the weekend, Art Primo in San Francisco hosted an exhibition entitled “MQISM” featuring a variety of mixed media work from the prolific graffiti writer, MQ. Known for his two-letter throwups that have occupied the streets for 20 years, the artist has been branching out recently, most noticeably focusing on a variety of unique stickers and zines.  Out of all the work in the show, the most memorable is the MQ tiled flooring; we want some for our kitchen!


  All images courtesy of THEFLOPBOX
    jux_theflopbox_mkue2 jux_theflopbox_mkue3 jux_theflopbox_mkue4 jux_theflopbox_mkue5 jux_theflopbox_mkue6 jux_theflopbox_mkue7 jux_theflopbox_mkue8 jux_theflopbox_mkue jux_theflopbox_mkue9 jux_theflopbox_mkue10 jux_theflopbox_mkue11 jux_theflopbox_mkue12     images via