Marc Jacobs > Kidult

May 16, 2012

The fire extinguisher prankster who has been blasting the storefronts of many known high end fashion boutiques in frustration of a culture becoming commercialized, recently decorated the store front of Marc Jacobs with the word “art” in Soho, Ny.  In a crafty retaliation, Marc Jacobs printed the image of the storefront on a t-shirt and is now retailing them for $689, with a “Kidult signed” t-shirt being a little cheaper for the consumer, ouch.  Several others have jumped on the bandwagon including Wilfry selling a meta t-shirt for $35.  And now, Kidult is selling his own, however by now everyone can tell who’s upset and got outwitted.


jux_kidult1 jux_kidult2