Kaput x Kaid Ashton collaboration walls

December 28, 2013


Original Photograph Taken Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Far away from the sprawling resorts, white sand beaches and drunken tourists, lies a small village that is nestled near a polluted river and part of shantytown that collects the resorts bottles and cans. This man was highly intelligent; he spoke about the plight of the Jamaican people and how foreign investment is making everyone rich except for Jamaicans. He spoke of government conspiracies, the future of clean energy and how George Clinton and the Funkadelics spoke the truth. 



Original Photo Taken In Los Angeles, CA

This photograph was taken in downtown Los Angeles. After speaking to this woman who was a recent survivor of breast cancer, she allowed me to take a photograph of her. Strong, confident, proud is how she presented herself with a vibrant personality and a unique zest for life.


Original Photograph Taken In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The container terminals always seem to produce friendly characters and the day I captured this image was no different. Ecstatic about the fresh catch that this woman had pulled out of the ocean, she displayed a striking, triumphic pose to show off her accomplishment. 


Original Photograph Taken In Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

While exploring the container terminal in Kaohsiung, I stumbled into this man draped in clothing trying to protect him from the explosive rays coming from the high noon sun. After a short conversation he invited me into his house for lunch. His house was a metal shipping container that he shared with 3 other Indonesians that came to Taiwan in search of a better living. They were grossly underpaid for the work they performed and missed their families dearly. 


Kaput-Free Iran

Original Photograph Taken In Esfahan, Iran

While working my way through the labyrinth that is Naqsh-e Jahan Square, I stumbled upon this woman who was an aspiring artist. She was one of few Iranians that spoke openly about how the government suppresses people, particularly women and artists.


Original Photograph Taken In Chittagong, Bangladesh

Working twelve-hour shifts, seven days a week at a brick factory, this boy uses his income to help support his large family. The brick workers make around $2 Canadian a day and work feverishly for six months, trying to produce and distribute as many bricks as possible before the torrential rains come from the monsoon storms. 



Original Photograph Taken In Manila, Philippines

Working twelve-hour days in the suffocating heat of Manila, this young boy tries to make a living shifting through the newly arrived garbage to find anything of value for resale. On an average day he is lucky to make $1.50 Canadian. Competition is fierce, conditions are brutal and health deteriorates quickly. 


Original Photograph Taken In Cairo, Egypt

This photograph was taken in the heart of Tahrir Square. This is the face that I remember most from the revolution that has changed a country, a region and the world. He sat and explained to me that the youth are frustrated. They are frustrated at the lack of jobs, the dire state of the economy and what seemed to be a future with little hope for peace or prosperity. He explained that the police had murdered his friend a week ago in the exact spot we were standing. 


Original Photograph Taken In Teknaf, Bangladesh

Having stopped for a quick break between going to school for the entire day and then heading to her fathers shop to work for the night, this 9 year old girl was able to pose long enough for a photograph.



Original Photograph Taken In Inle Lake, Burma

Thanaka is ground bark that is made into a paste of yellow, golden or white color and used as a cosmetic that is applied to the faces of Burmese people. It is used to protect the skin from sun and is a great sense of pride amongst the Burmese people. At the age of 14, this boy spoke 7 languages and worked as a tour guide. When I met him he was using some of those 7 languages to smooth talk a group of girls.


Over the past year, graffiti artist, Kaput, and photographer, Kaid Ashton, have been working on a collaborative project that combines the two artists work in the streets. With each piece Kaput painted a different word, while Aston wheatpasted one his photos from his travels in the center. There is a short description for each piece and 11 in total.

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